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New Customs Requirements for shipments to China


Dear Customer, 


ASE Express wishes to inform its global network and customers of the following new mandatory Customs data requirements for all shipments to China, effective immediately.

 Each shipment must be handed to ASE with its AWB and HAWB-manifest documents.

 The corresponding FWB and FHL Cargo-IMP messages must be transmitted to ASE and must include the Harmonized Commodity Code for the goods (as per WCO 6-digit HS Code).

 In addition the correct Goods Description for each AWB and HAWB must be provided.

 Customers should ensure that this required data are provided by their shipper/exporter.

 In the absence of this data in the FWB and FHL, it is currently acceptable for customers to provide the HS Code and Goods Description for each HAWB printed on the House manifest document.

    This House manifest document must be attached to its MAWB on the outside of the document pouch when the goods are handed over to ASE

    This additional information must be available to ASE prior to departure so that it can be provided to China Customs.

    Failure to comply will likely delay your shipment and may incur fines.

    For further information please contact your local ASE office.



1) Shipper Code – Mandatory (MERSIS + MERSIS NUMBER)

2) Shipper Phone Number – Mandatory

3) Shipper AEO status (Authorized Economic Operator) – Optional (If shipper has this number, we suggest to provide it.)

4) Consignee’s Company Name – Mandatory

5) Consignee’s Company Code – USCI (Unified Social Credit Identification) or OC (Organization Code) – Mandatory

6) Consignee’s Phone Number – Mandatory

7) Name of Contact Person for Consignee including Phone Number – Mandatory

8) Consignee’s AEO status – Optional

9) Notify Party’s Company Code – USCI (Unified Social Credit Identification) or OC (Organization Code) – Mandatory if Consignee is “To Order”.

10) Notify Party’s Phone Number – Mandatory if Consignee is “To Order”.