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ASE is a regional expert on fast transportation networking that can deliver overseas shipments of all sizes with different services. And using Istanbul as a distribution and HUB/transfer center and reaching to many countries with dedicated flight departures every day. ASE is the first and unique brand in its sector based in Turkey.

Mr Sermet ÇETİN who is the founder of the companies INTERNAS and ITANO were first established in 1992 ,with the vision of creating "the first and unique International Courier , Air Express Network and Delivery System in Turkey" 

ASE ASIA AFRICA SKY EXPRESS has specialized after emerging of this geography with the dissolution of the Soviet Union in Central Asia and the Caucasus region. And Turkey's importance in the world economy brought being first expertised organisation in this region. With reliable and fast services offered to other countries has lead to the development of trade relations between this region. Today, ASE continue to be the preferred brand of international exporter, investor and service provider by offering higher quality, faster and customized service than its competitors in the region.

In addition, cross-border e-commerce in the rapidly growing world market of Turkey's export power, has continued to be  potential pioneer in the market.

In cities such as ALMATY, ASHGABAT, BAKU, BISHKEK, DUSHANBE ,TASHKENT and TBILISI; ASE made a difference by operating their own companies and offices. To bring time on Turkey's trade with neighboring countries and the experience gained has expanded also its transportation network to spread directly to the new regions. ASE EXPRESS LOGISTICS brand has also been focused on roadfreight, seafreight and such special projects transportation in line with the rapid transportation of airfreight and express courier, as well as its experience and understanding of quality in line with the increasing demand and developing transportation conditions.

Today, with the same vision and new markets while Turkey is viewed as the future of the world economy and have not hesitated to invest in the ASE region, the organization is also planning to establish a fast and reliable delivery network in the Africa continent.

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