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Send Your Products to the Whole World!

ASE Express is licenced service provider and linked to Customs Authority thru own ASELogic Software to make easy(Simplified Customs Rules) import and export procedures under the E.T.G.B system in express cargo/courier/e-commerce market.

We can export your shipments up to 300 kg and 15,000 EUR value under E.T.G.B Customs declaration and without a customs consultancy & without notarised power of attorney.

On the import side we can import for the consignee(B2B- Samples) up to 22 EUR value and 30kg weight. For individuals(B2C) we can declare imports up to 1500,00 EUR value and pay a fixed VAT on their behalf. 

  • Delivery to 200 more than countries around the world
  • Turkey’s One and only International Delivery Network
  • A to Z Professional Logistic Solution