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The main competitiveness of every market in the service sector is human resources. For this reason, ASE has the highest value employees with high qualifications ... ASE has a very young and highly dynamic staff with an average age of 26 and everyone places great importance on teamwork and gives enough importance to mutual respect. This reflects to the quality of our work in the best way. All ASE employees act in accordance with one common goal ; "Customer Satisfaction". Committed to understanding the customer needs and providing the highest quality service, ASE employees created the company culture in line with team spirit and common goals. We will continue to protect , develope and instill to new our employees.

 Our Values 

-ASE workers, making sure successfully completion of all the tasks we take,

-Being innovative and pioneering,

-Working hard for ensuring a perfect service we provide to all our customers,

- Our understanding of continuous improvement in every part of our business,


Would you like to be a part of the ASE culture and enjoy the pride of working with the only Turkish-owned company in the sector? If so, seize on the opportunities offered by ASE immediately!

Please check the following points carefully before reviewing open positions ,

Candidates who apply to ASE are required to fully comply with the open positions, as well as the following key features;

-Being a minimum high school graduate,

-Male candidates have completed their military service,

-Not having any family relationship with an ASE worker,


Employment takes place in several stages for all positions;

- First stage is an interview we made according to the position. The suitability of candidates that evaluated positively for our company teamwork ability is determined by group work.

For a more comprehensive assessment, personality analysis and case studies are applied for management levels and certain functions when necessary

-You can send your CV via fax to (212) 503 73 08 or via e-mail address ik@ase.com.tr 

The applicants who have no e-mails will be answered by phone via e-mail within 15 days  latest.

For questions, please contact Devrim Eriş at 444 00 26.

Working Conditions and Social Rights

Working hours ; Daily working hours are between 8.30 and 18.30 in administrative units. Lunch hour is 1 hour. In departments where the work is continuous, workers are subject to shifts.

Catering ; Employees in the Service Centers where the cafeteria is located benefit from the cafeteria service. Other workers in the field are paid with tickets.

Transport of workers ; Bussing services in our Service Centers in Istanbul are as follows:  Staff Services by ASE vehicles, Public Transport Assistance. Employees working in Asian side use ASE Vehicles.

Public transport assistance is only valid when ASE Vehicles are not used.

Other rights ; According to the nature of position the company vehicle and mobile phone are provided

Earnings ; In ASE, salaries are determined in a fair way and are above the market average. 

P.S ; ASE is at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The shift charts that will maintain this service during the holidays listed above are arranged according to the needs of department managers and chiefs.

ASE employees have the opportunity to participate in various programs organized by training companies as well as abroad and in-house trainings in line with the needs determined.