Proforma Invoice Preparation

Proforma Invoice /Declaration

It is a commercial document used in international trade called Proforma Invoice.

It is used in practice as an international sales contract. It can not be used instead of real invoice, there is no financial obligation.It is used in International Courier and Cargo Transportation.It is a mandatory document for the customs procedures of the exporting and importing country.

The customs authority of the recipient country examines the Proforma Invoice accompanying your Overseas Shipment and calculates the customs tax that will occur according to the product quantity and price value.

In addition, the customs authority of the country of origin examines the Proforma Invoice accompanying your shipment and gives export permission according to the product, quantity and value.

Please note that you need to prepare a Proforma Invoice for all your International Shipments that you send with us except for documents.

Please call our Customer Service as it may be necessary to issue a Proforma Invoice for company folders containing more than documents according to the country of destination, accounting documents and heavy and large documents in the report type.

For each shipment, you must prepare a total of three copies (1 original, 2 copies) proforma / commercial invoice on original letterhead and stamped/signed.

The proforma / commercial invoice must be prepared in English.