Type of packagings


Damaged Boxes

Boxes that have been punctured, crushed or damaged are not accepted.

Wet Boxes

Boxes that are wet, leaky or damaged by water are not accepted.

Improper Packs

Do not put heavy contents into weak boxes. Make sure the boxes are suitable for durability, quality and size.
If necessary, use a strap to increase the durability of the parcel.

Over 70 kg

Parcels heavier than 70 kg should be palletized.


Unfixed pieces on pallets

All parts must be fixed to the pallet to form a single a unit.

Poor quality pallets

Poor quality or damaged pallets should not be used.

Overflows from pallets

The parts/pieces should not overflow from the right or left out the pallets.


Pointed & sharp pieces

Pointed/sharp and sagged pieces from pallets should not be accepted.

Protruded pieces

Dangling or protruding parts can cause injury or damage to other parcels and contents.