What is ASE Courier Waybill?

(CWB , Courier Waybill) must be filled in for each shipment you ship with ASE Express  – courier waybill helps your shipments get delivered on time, accurately and safely.

We recommend our online transactions are used for you waybills get filled in most accurate, cost effective and fastly.

Why is ASE Courier Waybill necessary?

  • Courier waybills help to ASE about where would your shipment be destined,what type of service you want and about your preferences of payment types.
  • It instructs you about the terms and conditions of the services we have been offering you, and it is extremely important that you read them carefully, as they provide information about the limitations of conventions and our responsibilities that in some cases situations other than our responsibilities may occur.
  • It provides to our customers with a special waybill number that you will use whilst tracking your shipment via the WEB.
  • By providing information about the content of your shipment to the customs authorities, it ensures that your shipment gets customs cleared in a short time and reaches the final delivery point without delay.

We will guide you about online waybill completion steps get made correctly.