27 Delivering the

About ETGB Legislative Changes


Dear Customer,


Due to severe changes on our local Customs Legislation of Post and Express Courier dated 29.06.2019 ;



Previous limitations of 150 kg & 7,500 Euro/Shipment have been increased to 300 kg & 15,000 Euro/Shipment. We will continue to provide our Simplified ETGB Declaration Service on behalf.


With the changes made on import, exemption is only valid , when ; persons are imported max. 5 shipments a month. And as per ETGB declaration we will able to provide our door-door delivery services as usual.

(P.s : The companies can import the goods on condition that shipment’s Proforma Invoice states special word of ‘SAMPLE’ additional to full description)

Additional to this , during the simplified declarations to Customs Authority and/or on deliveries of ETGBs , Turkish ID or Tax ID is mandatory

This information shall be added to our ETGB declaration in the complementary declaration system and communicated to the customs administration by us.