27 Delivering the

Export Air Cargo Warehouse Entry Bulletin // Turkish Civil Aviation Authority Regulation as per SHT-17.6 ,Air Cargo and Post Security Instruction


Dear Valuable Business Partners,  

In accordance with the National Civil Aviation Program and within the scope of flight safety, the security screenings of export shipments are performed as part of the warehouse acceptance process. 

While X-ray scanning is the essential scanning method, and other scanning methods may also be applicable for the oversized shipments. The methods and procedures of these screening processes are stated out at “SHT-17.6 Air Cargo and Mail Security Instructions” and other regulations published by the Directorate General of the Civil Aviation.   

We would like to inform you that as per the stated regulations, these oversized shipments will be subject to physical security check during the warehouse acceptance process. Therefore, in order to enable for a smooth acceptance process, all consignors should be aware of this security procedure and they need to make necessary equipment available when removing the shipment packages, in case a special equipment is required to remove shipment packages.  Additionally, during the warehouse acceptance of shipments, one company representative must accompany this physical check process to prevent loss of time and complete the security screening process as soon as possible. 

We would appreciate your kind cooperation in order to deliver this message to your consignors/agencies.