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Information - Removal of Limit on Customs Exemption


Dear Customer,


According to the decision of the President of the Republic of Turkey which issued in number 30775 official newspaper on May 15,2019 , via Post Office or Express Logistics transport;


• Customs exemption will be removed for the shipments below 22 eur.    

• The  books or similar printed publications for personal use  which are not exceeding 150 Euros  per shipment, continue to considered as exempted from tax . In addition, the tax rate will be reduced to zero  for individual books or similar printed publications  shipments which are between 150 - 1500 Euros and not exceeding 30 kg.


Due to the removal of customs exemption limit of ’22 Eur’ for B2C / Persons  

For shipments to PERSONS;


• The shipments below 22 Euro  will be subjected to tax.  

• For the private individual  shipments  below 30 kg and between the value limits 0-1500 eur; ASE will continue to proceed  simplified clearance process  by paying tax  for the shipments which are  non-restricted, non-prohibited and compatible for personal use .


For shipments to COMPANIES;


• For the companies (legal entities); It is expected to be  followed up the formal customs clearance process  with a private customs broker agency  by paying tax  for the shipments that are excluding sample scope even the value is below 22 eur. Consequently, there will be duty & tax, customs service’s fees like brokerage ,terminal handling fees and bonded warehouse fees, etc.  

• The shipments which are sending  to the companies  which have content in accordance with company’s business field, not for sale and declared  as ‘ SAMPLE PURPOSES ' on the air waybill and invoice by sender, may  be evaluated as exempted according to the result of inspection and physical control process of customs authorities.( It is important that ‘The reason of export is  Sample‘ statement declared as separately from the content  on the shipment’s documents.)


For all shipments; please advise customers to pay attention to the following are available on the shipments awb and invoice;


• The acceptable / detailed content (please check the list for acceptable content  in below link )

• HS code (harmonized customs commodity  code) with minimum 8 digit.(preferentially 12 digits!)

• Cnee tax number is  containing 10 digit  ( for companies )   and identification number is containing 11 digit  (for individuals).

• If the content is sample (not for resale) to the companies in TR;  ‘SAMPLE PURPOSES’ statement on the invoice and AWB.


*Validity date is 30th May 2019


For your information.


Best regards,