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Çin Gümrük İdaresi Tarafından Talep Edilen AWB ve HAWB Data Kuralları Hakkında


Değerli İş ortaklarımız;

Çin anakarasına planlanacak gönderilerinizde, Çin Gümrük İdaresi tarafından talep edilen ve uyulması gereken bilgilendirme duyurumuz aşağıdaki gibidir.

Dikkatlerinize sunarız.

Freight Forwarders and Airlines International S.A. have been warned by the Customs Authorities in China that the

data quality of the AWB and HAWB from our forwarders must be improved in order to avoid

penalties, fines, and delays to your shipments as well as an increase in customs inspections.

Please note that any such fines to Forwarding Agencies and Airlines will be passed back to the booking offices for collection

from their customers.

Forwarders are ultimately responsible for ensuring their data quality and should therefore work with

Airline booking offices and origin stations to ensure the required good data quality.

In particular, the following mandatory information for shipments to China must be provided in all


Shipper and Consignee telephone numbers in the Shipper and Consignee Contact Details

fields respectively, for both MAWB and HAWB in the FWB and FHL messages.

This requirement has already been communicated twice by Forwarding Agencies to all stations and their

customers, in December 2019 and in December 2020.

ASE kindly request that Customers and stations ensure to send the required correct data in the

FWB and FHL messages to Airline, as well as in the paper AWB and HAWB Consolidation

manifest when cargo is accepted by ASE & Airline.